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Ways to Help Your Neighborhood Free-roaming Cats

  1. Make sure all your neighborhood cats are spayed and neutered. At the time of surgery have the vet notch or tip one of the cat’s ears. A notch or a tip removed from the ear is a universal designation that indicates a cat has been altered.                                                                                                                                            Tips on how to trap neighborhood cats for spay/neuter.                                                                                Tips on recovering neighborhood cats
  2. Get female cats spayed to prevent them from having litters. It is a hard life for the un-spayed mama cat and compounds the problem of keeping kittens alive in the outdoors.
  3. Get male cats neutered so they do not fight with other neighborhood cats. Fighting promotes injury and disease.
  4. Provide food and clean water for free-roaming cats. Remove food dishes at night to avoid raccoons.
  5. Foster a homeless cat or litter of kittens abandoned in your neighborhood. How to Raise Orphan Kittens. Contact CSN for help finding homes for socialized kittens. Notify CSN if you find a mama and kittens to coordinate the best time to spay the mama. Request Spay/Neuter Help. Female cats can get pregnant while they are still nursing the litter. 
  6. Help elderly and/or low-income residents get their pets and back-yard cats to the vet for altering.
  7. Set up a donation jar at neighborhood garage sales and use the proceeds to fix your neighborhood homeless cats.
  8. Call Cat Support Network if you need referral information or help. General Request Form.
  9. Sponsor a food and litter drive for your low-income and elderly neighbors.