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Don't assume that kittens are abandoned
If you see kittens alone it doesn't always mean they don't have a mama cat; most of the time they are nearby. Mama cats spend most of their time away from their kittens to keep from attracting predators to their babies. She also leaves them to find food.

Leaving kittens with their mom is the best option whenever possible. Don't touch or move the kittens unless they are clearly in harms way. Too much activity or new smells may cause the mama cat to stay away. Watch from a distance and wait to see if she returns, she may be quick and it might be in the middle of the night. Contact a rescue if you are sure she hasn't been back in 24-36 hours.

Don't give away neonatal kittens to just anyone, a rescue is the best choice in the event that you find orphan kittens.


Staying with mom is the best choice for kittens until they can eat on their own
Once the kittens are able to eat on their own they can safely be taken in and fostered by a rescue. Cat Support Network has a foster program for this exact purpose and we will also trap and fix the mom, evaluate her for adoptability and either return her to her colony or put her up for adoption.

If you would like help with kittens who are eating on their own, please click below


If you would like to foster the kittens you found, you will need to apply to become a foster for CSN by clicking below


What to know before helping orphan kittens
Orphan kittens must be fed properly to prevent the risk of aspiration. If a kitten aspirates it could get pneumonia and die so it is very important that you know how to feed them before doing so. They will need to be fed every 2-4 hours depending on their age. You will need to stimulate them at every feeding to go potty. Caring for oprhan kittens is a large commitment, please make sure you are prepared before you attempt to care for them on your own.

Kitten Lady has a library of resources on caring for neonatal (oprhan) kittens which can be found here

Alley Cat Allies has a quick care guide for neonatal kittens located here