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Cat Support Network provides help to residents of Contra Costa County that need assistance to spay or neuter. We also adopt out cats and kittens. 

Our request forms available on our site include:

  • Spay/Neuter request for feral/free-roaming cat(s) that need to be trapped. Click  [ Request Help ]

If you need to contact us for a reason other than the three online forms above, then you can submit this "general" request for information. Click  [ General Request ]


Reminder - What we do not do:

  • Cat Support Network does not take cats - our foster homes are full with the starving cats we rescue from the neighborhoods.
  • We do not trap and take cats to the shelter for you.
  • We do not have money for medical expenses as all our money needs to go for spay and neuter costs.
  • We do not provide vaccinations or have a shot clinic. 
  • We do not have information about dogs only cats.


PO Box 3645 •  Walnut Creek, CA 94598  •  (925) 252-5445 •  info [ at ]