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Click here to read about the care needed for a barn/garden cat and how adopting them saves their lives!

If you are interested in a barn/garden cat fill out an adoption application and our volunteers will contact you.



Calico - Name - Bali. Age - 5. Bit shy and stays back. But starts kneading as soon as you talk to her.




Orange - Name - Leo. Age - 5. Female. This one is super shy and rarely comes close. Will likely never become an inside cat, great for outdoors.





Black one - Name - Oreo. Age - 6. Female. Very intelligent and observant cat, but keeps a foot away. Has the sweetest, lightest meows.





Name - Queen. Age - 6. Female. She is the most loving and cuddly of them all. It will be easy to make her an indoor cat. Super, super trusting and loving.





Grey/white one - Tiger - Age - 6. Female. Stays 2 feet away but super loving. Keen attention to detail and observation power. "intelligent" cat. Always comes running when I go out, but stays 2 feet away











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