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Cat Support Network Shelter Data

The Asilomar Accords provide standardized definitions and terminology   (healthy, treatable, unhealthy & untreatable) so that data collection can be uniform, and reporting across agencies can be consistent. The Accords also provide animal statistics tables for both individual agencies and communities, and formulas for computing annual live release rates .

The gathering of this data is required by our funding partners.  The collection and publication of this data is sponsored by Maddie's Fund,  

Here are the the statistics for TNR (Return to Habitat) and Adoptions for each year:


  • 2011 - 1,400 Returned to Habitat (TNR), 333 adoptions

  • 2012- 1,466 Returned to Habitat (TNR). 343 adoptions

  • 2013- 1,425 Returned to Habitat (TNR), 419  adoptions

  • 2014- 1,441  Returned to Habitat (TNR), 421  adoptions

  • 2015- 1,239 Returned to Habitat (TNR), 302 adoptions
  • 2016- 1,089 Returned to Habitat (TNR), 185 adoptions


Download the 2011 Asilomar Statistics here (pdf)  (xls)

Download the 2012 Asilomar Statistics here (pdf) (xls)

Download the 2013 Asilomar Statistics here (pdf) (docx)

Download the 2014 Asilomar Statistics here (pdf) (xls)

Download the 2015 Asilomar Statistics here (pdf)  (xls)

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